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Vetmuis Plaaskombuis

Situated in Richmond, the Vetmuis Plaaskombuis is one of the most popular attractions among locals and visitors to this quaint Northern Cape town. En route between Johannesburg and Cape Town, the Vetmuis Plaaskombuis restaurant serves visitors with delicious homemade meals, while the gift shop supplies a variety of snacks and gifts.

Vetmuis Plaaskombuis and The Social Media Company.

Vetmuis Plaaskombuis was our first customer in the Karoo and has since become a great ambassador for our services in the region. The Social Media Company manages the Facebook account of Vetmuis and is responsible for all the content on their page.

Proudest moments

By providing our services to clients like Vetmuis Plaaskombuis, we aim to prove our commitment to small businesses in areas often forgotten by service providers. There was also a particular post about fluffy sheep that had their phone ringing off the hook.