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WHS Group

WHS Group specialises in construction, civil works, and also hosts building-related services. WHS Group is one of the most trustworthy companies in the construction industry, and offers a full turnkey solution that stretches from conceptualisation, to construction and maintenance.

WHS Group and The Social Media Company .

WHS Group will always have a special place at The Social Media Company. After all, the company was our very first client. We are proud to still be involved with this amazing team after all these years.

Services offered.


Social Media Management

The Social Media Company is responsible for all the WHS Group’s social media activity.


Google AdWords

We manage the Google AdWords account and campaigns for WHS Group.



We regularly contribute to the blog on the WHS blog.


Website Development

We developed and designed the WHS Group website.

Proudest moments

Businesses that specialise in business-to-business (B2B) services always have a hard time gaining traction on social media. WHS Group, however, has always understood that social media can be a very powerful tool in forming a company’s identity and reputation. The Social Media Company has managed to make construction sexy, and has grown the WHS Group Facebook page from 0 to over 6 000 likes.